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Teaching Tips For Learning Coaches

Dear Fantastic Learning Coaches,

Learning coaches are the foundation for our program! I congratulate you on your dedication and hard work, which makes the incredible learning possible!

Here are some ideas that may help in your daily teaching. If you have other ideas that you think other families would benefit from, please contact me with your ideas and I would love to potentially add them to our site. We can learn best from each other!!!

Happy teaching and learning!!!LC


Ms. Colbert


Teaching Tip Of The Month:

Getting Back In The School Groove After A Break

-Create a daily schedule, post it in your learning space, and review it with your student daily. Knowing what to expect helps the learning process.

-Hit the ground running but remember to incorporate many breaks the first few days.

-Create, post, and review learning expectations (rules for school time).

-Take control and be sure you are managing behavior. If you start letting your child get away with bad behavior or avoiding a learning task, it will be harder to get him or her back on track later. Be supportive, motivating, and gently firm from the beginning.

-Make sure your learning space is organized.

-Review lessons the day before you teach them so you are prepared. This gives you confidence as a Learning Coach and also helps maintain a great learning flow for the day.

-Remember PE!  Get those bodies moving!  This increases brain flow and learning.

-Keep a positive attitude and find ways to compliment and congratulate successes.

-Attend your Homeroom Class Connects.

-Get lots of sleep and eat right.

-Remember you are not alone! Contact Ms. Colbert if you have any problems.